film factory
film factory
new sprouts
new sprouts

new storylines, new ideas - they keep coming and taking shape first as light drafts with some characters and some action,
and some grow to detailed nets, some are like a fast car with a reckless driver and some, well, remain sketches...

some names and one-liners - or a bit more:

Three Nights in Leipzig

The past has a tendency to exist and cast long shadows...
A  man is to be elected US president and another man on the other side of the globe knows him to be a murderer,
and somewhere there is evidence to be found...

Cairo Nights

January 2011 riots blaze bringing together Mark, a pilot and adventurer with germanjewish greatgrandmother, and
Jamila, ambitious egyptian student, and her friends Khaled the soldier, Mohad the islamist and Amira, a moslem and
mother. One of them dies in stead of another before the riots are over...


A boy is in love with a girl, and like a precious flower she is to him.
One night she is on her way home from his lodgings on a boat, and she gets beaten and raped by three youngsters.
She dies later in hospital...
One by one he finds the boys and hunts them down. And that done he flees across the country hungry and cold
to snowy mountains to be found frozen and unconsious by an elderly woman. She takes him to an old ramshackle
palace and restores to life - a kind of life he never could imagine...

Mind With Murder                             

She was born in the wake of World War II and after a happy and loving childhood suffered a tragic loss: her parents
died in an accident.
She killed for the first time in the tender age of thirteen, and continued her murderous carrier every once in a while
through the years. Her children grew to honest men and women never suspecting... and she is still happily alive today...

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