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Future productions in one-liners

Fifth Night Moon

'They met in northern Pakistan under circumstances that would not allow normal relations, and spent together  five days and nights - time enough for passion, hate and fight - and all the way fear was their  companion, - Lore and Wawa, afgan doctor and witness of a time he could not comprehend, and finally she, a fine european writer, turned to be a ruthless killer - not for herself, but for a girl so young and
much suffered it bordered impossible...'!/pages/Fift-Night-Moon/121483391206385


Requiem is a mass for a soul, this soul just died years ago but the woman still remains alive to tell her story, the story of passion and dedication, loyalty and betrayal, and of terrorists: in Hilton hotell on Park Lane, London takes place a murder - in february 1974 a southafrican diamondmogul is shot dead in his bed.. A young woman travels to Paris and is joined by a black ANC member... they spend a few days in Paris and driving to Clermont, and are bound to meet again in Katwijk... but he never comes...'!/pages/Requiem/321875714146

Chambers of My Soul

'Chambers' is a film about love, love that creates life and love that kills. It takes place now and some 25 years ago - is it different now, the world or the feeling? It is a chain and it is wings and what would tgere be without love... It is also a film about memories and remembrance... distorted and shallow, changing caleidoscope of feelings and visions...'!/pages/Chambers-of-My-Soul/317660306708

Layers of Darkness

They are young, spend time together, make love all three, and then the boys die... and she is so alone...
He has been badly treated by his parents and one day blinded by frustrated rage he shoots them...

She is on her way to kill herself and he is on his last bikeride when they meet in an enchanted cafe, the lost souls...!/pages/The-Layers-of-Darkness/323917754854

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