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film factory
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because in a moment there is everything
and more than a moment you can't have

this is me, Terhi Toropainen, and film factory is my company!/toropiski    - for all kinds of bits and pieces: moods and news and links ti things that interest me!/profile.php       - I'll try to write here of films I have seen and technical issues that seem to have importance and also something special every now and then about lighht and colours etc.!/pages/toropiski-pictures/143964802283804
           - this is more of a personal diary and  contain's  fashion and curiosities....  Actually it is amazing what a whirl of creativity Tumblr is - I think, at the moment the most dynamic and evolving of net platforms, wild, too of course... Conversation is not verbal but visual, innovative and the strategies are hilarious!                                         
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